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Orientation of Job Seekers

All selected candidates are required to go through a program of orientation prior to taking up employment. This program would include the cultural background of the country of employment, local customs, advice on personal conduct, responsibilities and laws relating to employment etc.

Why Cashin Business Consult

Quality Candidates

It’s what every recruiter wants. It’s our focus at Cashin Business Consult (U) Limited. As our services are attentive and rigorous, we attract best candidates and get a lot of referral businesses, creating a high-quality talent pool for recruiters. We keep in touch with our candidates too, meaning you see potential employees that are better-prepared and more proactive.

Good Representation

We take very seriously the fact that we’re representing you when we talk to candidates, when we advertise and market. We take time to learn about your organizations so that we’re able to do this as professionally as possible. It’s an approach that’s helped us win an International reputations for class, honesty, integrity and expertise.

Competent Staff / Team

As we reward and develop our own staff well, they stay with us for twice as long as the other industry average. This means you get a better, more sustainable relationship with us and your staffs don’t have to get to know new team members all the time. Around one-third of our employees are incentivised, which further cements their long-term commitment to us.

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