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Orientation of Job Seekers

All selected candidates are required to go through a program of orientation prior to taking up employment. This program would include the cultural background of the country of employment, local customs, advice on personal conduct, responsibilities and laws relating to employment etc.

Mobilization Time

A candidate should be mobilized and ready for departure within the shortest possible time on receipt of visa. The employers would be notified in advance of a candidate’s arrival with relevant details.



Cashin Business Consult (U) Limited. Offers 90 days guarantee on all the workers it sends for employment (provided the entire recruitment process is carried out by young Cashin Business Consult (U) Limited.). This guarantee would entitle an overseas employer to call for a replacement of any worker, who has been found unfit. In such instances, repatriation and replacement airfares would be borne by our company.

Follow up activities

Cashin Business Consult (U) Limited. Provides a follow up service designed to boost the deployed workers morale, improve attitudes to their works and ensures the proper discharge of responsibilities, through its partners overseas.


Why Cashin Business Consult

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