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Special Projects


Joan Mukisa Foundation (JMF) a not-for-profit non-government charity organization where we give back to the Disadvantaged / Marginalized / Minority to help them find solace, restore hope, and pursue their dreams.

We reach out to the neglected and disadvantaged communities of Uganda to share real-life experiences and emotions and collectively forge solutions with the residents on how to make the world a better place for every one of us.

We have a ‘back-to-school campaign where those who have not had a chance to go to school, and those who dropped out for one reason can have a chance to pursue their childhood dreams. In this campaign, anyone can select a child/person to sponsor their education to whichever level they can. We also intend to look at talent as a potential way of changing lives and therefore nurture the discovered talents by identifying partners and facilities to groom them.

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