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Cashin Business Consult (U) Limited is an organization duly incorporated and licensed in the Republic of Uganda with License No. 562 under the Statutory Instrument No. 62, 2005

Located along Ssekabaka Stage off Wakaliga Nateete road, Rubaga Division, Kampala District, Cashin Business Consult (U) Limited aspires to be the leading labour recruitment and exporting agency to identify and recruit competent, skilled and reliable Ugandans to take up job opportunities outside Uganda.

Before sending workers abroad, Cashin Business Consult (U) Limited conducts a mandatory training program facilitated by our professional and highly qualified team so that they can learn the norms and basic traditions of the countries they will go to and also how to do housework for the maids as well as other related work and ethical performances.

We pride ourselves on offering industry leading workforce, management services that focus on innovation and customer centric solutions with extensive working experience in Human Resource Management, The Informal Sector, Semi-skilled and Unskilled Labour in international companies overseas and we ensure our candidates observe work ethics and speak the same language as of our business partners. Whether you need a large workforce solution – we will provide you hardworking, reliable, flexible and scalable personnel for all your workforce needs.

Our process of recruitment is based on significantly a refined and scientific approach which differs from others in the field Cashin Business Consult (U) Limited is a well-established and one of the leading manpower recruiting agency made up of people with sufficient experience, tested capabilities, dedication and above all confidence.

We always believe in the continual improvement by exploring new market, achieving client’s satisfactions as well as building highly professional and efficient staff members for delivering best services to all.

We aim to serve the right candidates to the right opportunities as the right time hence, we assure our valued clients of building excellent relationships forever.

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To be the most credible and reliable employment workforce of both men and women through quality services in Uganda.


To curb the unemployment gap.


That the horizon maybe chosen to the people we lay our hands on.
Executional excellence.
To curb the unemployment gap

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